Saturday, October 6, 2012

Got My Roots Done!!

Got my root problem taken care of today, my friends! Well, my “not so blonde anymore” root problem anyway.  Whew! What a relief!! You know how it is when you’ve been going to the same person for 10+ years…. change is scary. It’s a very special relationship and not to be taken lightly! J I mean, Tiffany knew me well and I always left happy with my hair AND our chats.  Needless to say we had some good talks due to the fact that I have short but deceptively thick hair. I guess it’s to cover up my thick head! See…she’s more than a stylist, she’s a friend! Furthermore....she knew about and was conscious of my weirdness with my eyes, my tender-headedness, and I’d gotten to the point long ago that if I didn’t have a specific cut in mind for my hair, I’d just say, “you do whatever you think it needs”.  I wasn’t sure how I’d find a new Tiffany here that I could just let do whatever…..or if I ever would again!! I know, I know….I’m being a bit dramatic, I’m only half kiddingJ  The thought had crossed my mind but I’ve seen some great heads of hair out here and I didn’t figure they did it themselves. I just didn’t want to have to go through the awkward phase of my hair not looking right until I found that person!

So, since I don’t know anyone very well yet, I posted on the facebook page of a great MOPS group I joined in September (mothers of preschoolers) and meet with every other Friday and asked for help on recommendations. Ask and ye shall receive! They were great to offer them, along with addresses and phone numbers! So, I called the one I thought would be the most convenient or at least the one where I knew a little about the area and this was very near where Jude and I go to the beach. The stylist whose name I had wasn’t available as soon as I needed.  So, I just asked her to book me on Saturday morning with whoever was available as long as they were good with highlights. She said that would be her….and her name was Tiffany!  Was sure hoping that was a good sign….and it was!

It was a very “we’re not in Kansas anymore” experience for me. This shop and this Tiffany were very different in some ways. I’ll just draw out a few comparisons so you can get the picture. With Tennessee Tiffany, I usually went to the cute little shop she’d built into her garage.  Ours was the only conversation going on unless our kids were there too or she had someone coming in behind me. California Tiffany works in a very quaint but very busy little shop with lots of conversations going on in various accents! Very LA. They are both very girly… and I mean that in a good way.  Not to stereotype but people typically want their stylist to look like she cares about what SHE looks like. Tennessee Tiffany has long blonde hair, dresses very stylish, is tan in the summer and enjoys the river and football games with her hubby. California Tiffany is very petite, dark clothes & hair with fair skin & great makeup, plus… has a couple of piercings and tattoos and is very artsy.  They look very different yet look like they know what they’re doing as stylists as evidenced by how they present themselves and they’re both beautiful women.  Most importantly to me, though, was that California Tiffany has a great personality and very sweet spirit….much like my Tennessee Tiffany.

By the time we were finished with highlights and got to the haircut, I was able to respond to her questions with, “just do whatever you think it needs.” So, I left breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. I know, there are far greater problems in the world than, “are my roots showing?” But I’ll just tell ya….mine were looking rough and it was because I was too afraid to choose a stylist for that first non-Tennessee Tiffany haircut in 10+ years. Plus the hubby really liked it! Though, I think his enthusiasm was more over the fact that I didn’t get any length cut off this time. I don’t want to give him false hope. This is a trial period for growing it out.  J (Thanks to my fears….not only did my roots get bad but it got a bit longer than it’s been in quite some time, as well! For now, it’s tolerable. Historically speaking, though, it doesn’t make it very far past this point! )
The finished product. I have always hated taking pics of myself with a phone.... Now I'm thinking the ocean air is making my nose grow! Good grief! Oh least my hair looks decent again!:)

I don’t know, I thought it looked pretty good. Jude just turned on the lamp beside me though and said, “see……it matches your hair!” Anywho……

I share all of this to say that this is one more experience that I feared and it turned out to be a blessing. I am finding more and more that I am blessed by the very things and people that use to strike fear in me or at least, make me uncomfortable. I am loving the diversity that surrounds me. I’m learning that women all over creation, literally, really are wired very much the same. We have the same issues regardless of race or nationality, piercings or not, art-loving or not, single, married, mothers, or any mix thereof.  Because, the fact of the matter is, we were all designed BY and FOR the same God.

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