Monday, February 2, 2015

Big Girl Britches

You know that point where you realize you're officially "grown up"? Well, I'm like, SO there...even though I occasionally still overuse the word "like" in my phrasing. Many of you know exactly what I mean. Some of you may never have really given it much thought but are nonetheless very grown up. Then we all know a few of those who the concept seems to be totally lost on!  For most, though, you've had something that made you think, "Wow....that is SO something a grown up would do! Wait....I AM a grown up!!"

You typically get to a point that you're beginning to do things you weren't sure you'd ever do.... like stick to a strict budget and get in bed at a reasonable time every night.  You knowlike grown ups do Likewise, you also may find yourself deciding that you are finally done with things that you just simply need to be done bad habits, selfish/juvenile tendencies, or outside dramatics that basically render you 13 and awkward all over again.   

I love the way Cedric the Entertainer puts it: (***This clip is only about a minute long but has some language you wouldn't want the kiddos picking up. You may not think they are even listening.....until it spews out of their mouths in a crowded check out line at Target!***) 

Well...I feel Cedric here and ain't gett'n ready to call no nother dude delicious, either! I'm just done with some things...ya know? 

Growing up seems like it'd be a natural process whenactually, the only thing natural about it is growing older.  The "growing up" part is not guaranteed.  It requires a deliberate effort and lots of tough decisions along the way. 

If I made out a list of lessons learned, conclusions drawn, and decisions made over just the last 3-5 years alone .... could go on and on for pages and pages.  However, I'll spare y'all and just share 10 things that have made me finally realize, at 37 years of age, that I am actually a grown up.  Just so you don't read this list and think I've lost my mind in my old age...these are in no particular order of importance except the very first one!

  1. I can not pine over how I "wish" things were.  I must trust God with my life, my family, and my all things.....period.  He does not want me living in fear or a state of chronic discontent but in faith and thankfulness. That's a biggie and it seeps into ALL areas of my life.  
  1. I can't say "yes" to all things and people.   
  1. I can't say "yes" to all the little items in Target that call my name.  
  1. I must pick my battles.  Not everything requires my attention.  Not everything is a big deal.   
  1. Whether dealing with squabbles between kids or processing an article I've read in the news....I always, always must get all the facts (and if need be....pray) before deciding on any particular subject or reacting to any particular situation. 
  1. It's ok if others don't agree with me. (I've actually been done with the popularity contest for quite some time.)   
  1. It's ok to have a glass of wine. Not to get sloshed and act unbecomingly but to celebrate and unwind.  Jesus, in fact, did not turn the water into juice.   
  1. It's not ok for me to do something that might cause harm to someone physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually simply because I have the "right" to do so or because it makes me happy.  (A simple example I've struggled with.....Sometimes just staying up late to do a little reading sounds like a harmless treat....until I realize what a maniac I can be to others when I'm sleep deprived!) 
  1. I can not afford Restoration Hardware and we need certain furniture items for the house. Therefore, I've taken up wood working.  I don't just feel grown up on this one....I feel old! I even have a pair of overalls now.  I guess these would be my metaphorical big girl britches. (The 5 yr old wants a pair, too.....because her grandfather loves to wear them!) 
  1. You should try vegetables different ways and new foods when you have the chance.  Cooked properly, asparagus is, like, the bomb! Brussels sprouts aren't bad, eitherTip....when you eat not picture a snail in your head...tell yourself it's just chicken. Really soft chicken. (Some of you are sounding like Cedric right now...."Man, I ain't gett'n ready to eat no snails!"  

Profound, right?  Rule #1 when you get to be a grown up.....don't start taking yourself too seriously!! I know it will probably shock many of you but, as grown up as I am, I still don't always make the best decisions, respond with the utmost wisdom, or ooze grace from every pore!   Furthermore, I still dance in the kitchen, procrastinate to a fault, make faces at my husband behind his back when he makes me mad, and stay up way past my bedtime some nights.  

There are some things that we learn the hard way or through experience that teach us, mature us and allow us to make better, wiser, and more "grown up" decisions down the road.  Unfortunately, just like in school, sometimes we need to repeat a course to really grasp some of the concepts. I am still learning and will be until the Lord calls me home.  Thankfully, He is, like, uber patient!   

~ Robin 

P.S. Stay tuned for part 2 on this topic coming in a few days....why I took my boys to see American Sniper. 

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